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Welcome to "Light divided by time," a site for photography and painting by Michael Karman. For a long time, the "newly added photos" on this page were old, had been added months ago, maybe even a year. The photos you're looking at now, right now, are new, newly added and recently made.

To see all the galleries at once, displayed with colorful thumbnails, just click on "Galleries" above. Cick a thumbnail to see the contents of that gallery, as you probably had already guessed.

You will find two types of photographs here, photographs that are "of" things, like trees or sunsets or stinkbugs and photographs that "are" things--photographs that are just themselves, like a tree is itself, or a sunset is or a stinkbug. It is easy and natural to look at any photograph of something and think "Oh, that's a tree (or a sunset or a stinkbug)." Not so easy, I have found, is to look at the type of photograph that is just itself without wanting to ask "What is that?" The answer is "a photograph," and I encourage everyone to just let these photographs be themselves, not to try to turn them into something else, a tree, say, or a sunset (or a stinkbug). I have given them all names, for better or for worse, and I'm pretty sure that only one name encourages you to think of something other than what you're looking at. The rest have names like Barcelona Wall Art #50 or Study in black and orange. Never "Stinkbug sunset through a tree," though; that is right out.
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